Nvidia has released a new version of its 3D Vision kit, which allows you to view video games, movies and photos in 3D with a GeForce graphics card. The updated kit includes all the same components as before (wireless glasses and IR emitter, cables and software), except the glasses now get 50% more battery life from a single charge, which works out to about 60 hours instead of 40. Additionally, Nvidia has reduced the kit's price by $50 to $149, and the price of an extra set of glasses has been lowered to $119.

With those price adjustments and the arrival of 3D-compatible blockbusters like Crysis 2, it seems like a decent time to invest in 3D – if there is such a thing. In addition to Nvidia's 3D Vision kit, you'll also need a modern GeForce graphics card that won't buckle under the extra strain of pumping 3D visuals as well as a 3D-ready monitor. Figuring upwards of $200 for a GPU and $300 for a display, you're looking at a $650+ affair. For what it's worth, Newegg has various combo deals that'll shave $20+ off the project.