Nokia Beta Labs has released an app called Shoot and Tag. It allows you to create a simple way of navigating to the correct place in a video with just one click. "Shoot and Tag does for home-made movies what HTML links did for web surfing," a Nokia spokesperson boasts.

The app is for those who film a few minutes of video and forget where the good parts were. You can download Shoot and Tag directly from Beta Labs and give feedback on the Beta Labs forum.

After installing and launching the app, your phone will activate the camera so you can start filming right away, though you'll need to use the red button on the screen for filming rather than the usual camera key. After hitting the record button, the left hand side of the screen will start tagging key events as you pan and move the camera. This will continue, no matter how long the video is, until you press stop.

On the video playback screen, you'll see all the tagged scenes stacked on the right. Pressing one of these tags will have your video jump to that scene. Pressing the main video image will play the entire movie, and double pressing a tag will jump you to that scene.

"We think Shoot and Tag is a nice little app that does a good job at capturing scene changes, although it would be nice to see this develop further," a Nokia spokesperson said in a statement. "Deleting videos could be made easier as you currently need to go into the video player, press options, then edit, select the video and then delete. Long pressing on the video would be much better and quicker. However, having said that, anything from Beta Labs is experimental and is in no way a final product."