Samsung published a slew of press released this week, introducing several new living room accessories including a dual-sided remote control, an HD camera, and 3D glasses. The wedge-shaped remote has two sides: one features a QWERTY keyboard and a small LCD display so you can see what you're typing without looking at the TV, while the other has standard TV remote buttons. A built-in accelerometer detects the device's orientation and disables the side you aren't using to prevent accidental entries.

The company's new Smart TV camera (CY-STC1100) is designed for video calls (Samsung specifically mentions Skype compatibility) and supposedly works in all lighting conditions. Features include 720p@30fps video capture, an auto focus feature to keep the image clear when users move, and four mics that can capture voices up to 13 feet away "regardless of ambient noise." The device has an adjustable camera neck, connects to compatible TVs via USB and is mounted to the set via built-in magnets.

Samsung says it has redesigned its 3D glasses to improve picture quality, comfort and aesthetics. The SSG-3700CR is said to be the world's lightest pair of active 3D glasses, weighing about one ounce. It has a flexible nose pad and arms that can fit over regular glasses and you can even outfit the frames with a customized prescription lens. The glasses automatically turn on when worn and power off when motion or touch isn't detected. They appear to be compatible with Samsung's new CY-SWC1000A wireless charger.

Samsung is bundling the new remote with its high-end D7000 and D8000 series TVs. It's also compatible with D6300 LED TVs and up, but you'll have to buy it separately for $100 and it won't be available until sometime next month. The Skype-ready video cam is set at $149.99. The above-mentioned rechargeable 3D active glasses have an MSRP of $180, while other new models range from $129.99 to $219.99. The wireless charging station is set at $199.99. Besides the remote, everything should ship before the end of March.