These days people are getting more and more options when it comes to downloading or streaming movies and TV shows – especially those in the U.S. From Netflix to Amazon to Hulu Plus and several others, the growing availability of online content, coupled with an increasing number of set-top boxes and other connected devices, has pushed the idea of dropping traditional cable TV subscription packages in favor of online video sources.

Granted, there are going to be trade-offs as not everything is available online – at least not legally. But with cable and satellite bills going up every year, and the fact that a lot of people probably watch less than a dozen channels from their 150+ channel packs, something's gotta give. Then there's the fact that with the digital TV switchover last year, those in the U.S. can enjoy some pretty good quality over-the-air broadcast channels for free using HD antennas.

We don't expect people to cut the cord in droves just yet, as for the most part, 'normal' people simply can't be bothered with setting things up or learning a new device. But being the tech-savvy folks you are, we want to ask you: are you ready to give up cable? Or if you've already done so, what is your current setup?