Hacker Shantanu Goel has got his Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect accessory to work with the Sony PlayStation 3. He achieved the feat by connecting the Kinect to his laptop, which is running PrimeSense's Kinect drivers (as well as the OpenNI Libraries and the NITE Libraries). The movement is converted into raw tracking data and reconverted into PS3-compliant data via the DIYPS3Controller.

The result is being able to use the Kinect to control your PS3 via your PC, albeit it's very shaky because the information is sent in the form of normal PS3 controller movements. The hack is still in a very early development phase, but it definitely shows that that the pairing is possible.

"Now, of course, kinect doesn't work with PS3 obviously but then if we can't break the rules, we can at least bend them a little towards our way," Goel said in a statement. "I've created a mashup that allows you to use kinect as an input controller for the PS3. Please note that this is pre-alpha quality software currently. I haven't updated to a lot of recent code for the below libraries and also haven't done most of the performance/feature improvements yet. The axis performance specially needs lot of tweaking and it works well only while sitting. Putting this out purely as a proof of concept."

Here's his current to-do list:

  • Full menu and game profiles
  • Skeletal tracking for better game profiles
  • Switching back to menu profiles from game profiles
  • Easier way to specify user custom profiles instead of changing code for the same
  • Performance improvement for game profiles

We're wondering if anyone has attempted to get the PlayStation Move to work on an Xbox 360, or if it's not even worth the effort. If you own a PS3, does this hack get you excited with the potential possibilities?