Movie studio Warner Bros. has announced that it is serving up another five, high-profile film titles for rent on Facebook after launching the experiment with "The Dark Knight" earlier this month. For 30 or 40 Facebook credits – which is equal to $3 or $4 – people can watch "Yogi Bear", "Inception", "Life As We Know It" or either of the first two Harry Potter movies: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

Users can pause, resume and restart the movie as needed and as frequently as they'd like during the 48-hour rental period. With this, Warner is getting its movies directly to the public without having to go through a rental service like Netflix – although it still needs to give Facebook a 30% cut on all Facebook Credit transactions.

Rentals are available from the movies' official Facebook Pages. For now the offer is limited to people in the U.S., but the in-app purchasing model could help boost the number of potential viewers since the payment isn't tied to a local currency. It's unlikely that Facebook will replace more traditional ways of watching movies like DVDs and specialized video streaming services, but we are interested to see how the initiative goes and if other studios follow suit.