Still fighting for its life in a mess of horrible legal battles, Sharman Networks released a new version of P2P file swapping program Kazaa on Thursday of this week, which it hopes will help in its legal struggles.

[COLOR=royalblue]"The new software adds little to the basic functions of the Net's most popular file-swapping program. However, Kazaa users will see an increase in the proportion of advertiser-paid, copy-protected search results as they hunt for their favorite artists or movies, the company said..... In addition to boosting the proportion of copy-protected results returned for each search, the new software includes new built-in tools for organizing libraries of songs, movies and software. Sharman also has added a new search feature for online personals, powered by MatchNet's "[/COLOR]

More annoying rubbish built into Kazaa then? I suppose some irritating spyware is probably in the mix. Still, glad to see that Kazaa is still afloat, with something like 4 million users at any one time (heheh though how many of them are using Kazaa lite? ;) ) I just hope it stays that way, and doesn't go the way of Napster which has become a part of internet history now.

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