Mionix has officially entered the mechanical keyboard market today, unveiling its gaming-oriented "Zibal 60." The 'board is outfitted with Cherry MX Black switches, which have a linear (non-tactile) travel, require about 60 grams of force to actuate and are typically favored among FPS gamers.

Considering that demographic, the company humorously says that the Zibal 60 has "rage-proof durability," pointing to its 1.6mm-thick steel frame. We assume the "frame" bit is referring to the use of a plate-mounted switch, and not the keyboard's exterior body, which is presumably plastic.

Plate-mounted switches are secured by a sheet of metal as opposed to being mounted solely to the PCB. Naturally, this is more durable, but you probably don't want to challenge Mionix's rage-proof claim as the company's warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not user-sustained damage.

The Zibal 60 features green multi-level backlighting that can illuminate the entire board or just the WASD gaming cluster. It's worth noting that the image above has been enhanced a bit by the company, so the backlighting might not be entirely accurate. The lighting looks too clean if you ask us.

The spec sheet mentions support for up to six simultaneous key presses (6KRO) via USB, but it doesn't say anything about NKRO via PS/2. Nonetheless, 6KRO should be sufficient for FPS players. The top right side sports an I/O hub with two full-speed USB 2.0 ports along with audio and mic jacks.

You'll also find media keys which are operated by a modifier that has replaced the left Windows key, a removable wrist rest, and it looks like the company might throw in a plastic keycap remover. Pricing starts at $150/€150 and although preorders open today, the board won't ship until June.