VR-Zone has posted a few comments from an Intel rep on the new benchmarking program from FutureMark (MadOnion, or whatever you want to call it), though I wouldn't consider it an official statement as it is, it gives a good hint that Intel is ok with the new 3dmark...

In the meantime, while I haven't downloaded any new drivers or anything I seem to be getting something like 1500 3dmarks for my GeForce4 Ti4600 + Intel P4 2.53GHz CPU :blackeye: heh. People has been posting their scores here in the boards, too, if you are interested.

VR-Zone managed to caught up with Matt Dunford, Intel Client Performance Manager (Benchmarking) at a NDA briefing today and get some of his views on the much debated 3DMark2003. According to Matt, Intel is currently evaluating on the 3DMark2003 and has found it to be a nice synthetic benchmark for gaming.

However, one point of concern is that 3DMark2003 can't be used for testing integrated graphics anymore as the score will be too low since it is much tuned towards DirectX 9 architecture. Even the upcoming integrated graphics found on Springdale-G featuring 2nd generation Extreme Graphics won't be having DX 9 but it will still have a big performance boost from the current Extreme Graphics from what we have seen.