'Enter The Matrix' videogame is slated to be released at the same time 'The Matrix: Reloaded' movie makes it to the big screen next May 15th, that probably you knew already.

Perhaps what you didn't know is that the Wachowski brothers have been extremely involved in the project and a total of $20 million has been spent in the making of the game that promises to be more than the usual film-based gameplay-lacking game but actually make justice to itself and be merged as part of the whole Matrix world.

The game's 244-page equivalent of a shooting script was written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, the brothers who wrote and directed "The Matrix" for Warner Brothers Pictures, as well as two sequels that are being readied for release this year. (The game's release by Shiny Entertainment is to coincide with the May 15 opening of the first sequel, "The Matrix Reloaded.") Similarly, the films' set and custom designers and much of their departments did double duty for the game, as did the movies' Hong Kong fight choreographer, Yuen Wo Ping, and the films' lead actors.

As a side note, while I must admit I haven't played many games from Shiny before, I do remember they developed the original MDK, one of the best games I have ever played in the PC.