So THAT'S who's been writing all of this spam! Forget some lonely little man, with bald head and round pot belly working away from his 87 year old mother's garage, surrounded by beer cans and the rotting remains of a half eaten kentucky fried chicken (which reminds me of another story.....) The TRUE patron saints of spam appear to be students! (OK, its probably the bald kentucky chicken guy, but there IS a worrying new trend, read on.....) "University networks already stressed by file-sharing programs, viruses and hackers now face a new threat: students who sublet their network access to spammers for as little as $20 per month," writes IDG.NET, in this article here. Tufts University, a 151-year-old school in Medford, Mass., has recently discovered that students, strapped for cash and ready to sell their souls to the cyber devil, have been earning even as little as $20 per month to lend their computers to the cause of unsolicited self promoting, electronic BS and its unholy distribution! "Paying students to spam is a relatively new phenomenon so we don't know the extent of the problem." More here.