With so many game makers shifting their primary focus to consoles, it's not every day that we hear about a major PC-exclusive title. Whether it's lower piracy rates, an easier development process or a combination of circumstances, many once-loyal PC developers have all but abandoned our beloved platform. Fortunately, there are still a few brave souls sticking true to their roots, and one such team has just unveiled a new project.

Called "Hard Reset," it represents the debut title of Flying Wild Hog, a new 35-person studio comprised of industry veterans from People Can Fly, CD Projekt Red and City Interactive – the same folks who brought you The Witcher 2, Bulletstorm, Painkiller, Sniper and more. It's unclear how long the group has been toiling away at the new IP, but they reportedly plan to have it on store shelves only two months from now in September.

Classified as a dark sci-fi first-person shooter, Hard Reset takes place in a futuristic dystopian world where humanity is on the verge of extinction after being occupied by a robotic force. Players step in the boots of combat veteran Major Fletcher as he defends humanity's last remaining city, Bezoar. Besides that tidbit, the above teaser and some screenshots, details are scant, but you can expect tons of info to surface in the coming weeks.