Twitter has released a new version of Twitter for Android. You can grab version 2.1.0 of the app (Android 2.1 or higher required) directly from the Android Market.

The company says the update includes some of the most commonly requested features from its users. Twitter has also updated the appearance of home screen widgets and added a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes.

First of all, Twitter for Android now offer push notifications. Push notifications let you instantly receive Twitter updates - no matter what you're doing on your phone. In your account settings, select "automatic refresh" and choose to receive updates for Direct Messages, @Mentions (from the people you follow or anyone), and Tweets. Secondly, you can now use multiple accounts on Twitter for Android without having to log out and back in. You can seamlessly switch between accounts to discover and share what's happening in the world.

The update isn't as significant as the one released back in February 2011. That one completely redesigned the app, introduced auto-complete for usernames, added universal search, opened up the ability to use it even if you haven't signed in or don't have an account, and offered the option to sign up for Twitter from within the app. This month's update just added a few new features and improvements, but it's still noteworthy.

Earlier this month, Twitter announced that its users are now sending over 200 million tweets per day. In other words, 1 billion tweets are sent every Monday through Friday. In January 2009, Twitter users sent 2 million tweets per day. One year ago, that number was 65 million per day. Twitter's growth is accelerating, at least when it comes to tweets.

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