Sprint has hit customers with a double whammy of bad news the past couple of days in the form of a upgrade price hike and an increased early termination fee.

The first bit of negative news came two days ago as it was reported that Sprint will be changing their early termination fee (ETF) policy starting September 9. At current, it costs $200 to opt out of a contract but once the new policy is in place, that amount will be increased to $350 for advanced devices like smartphones, tablets and netbooks. The expense will be prorated based on how much time is left on your contract and will only affect customers who sign a contract after next Friday.

Yesterday saw more of the same as September 9 will also mark the day that Sprint raises their upgrade fee from a modest $18 to $36. The company will cap the upgrade cost at $150 if you are upgrading on multiple lines in a single transaction. All of these increases are leading many to believe that something big is brewing behind the scenes, but Sprint would likely discredit any rumors as standard inflation adjustments.

Some believe that the elevated upgrade fee could mean that the carrier will soon support Apple's next iPhone which is rumored to drop sometime in October. The much more obvious circumstance points to Sprint trying to make a quick buck on the release of the Epic 4G Touch which is slated for a September 16 launch.