Downloadable content has become a big part of the gaming industry. Some give it away for free to promote new game sales over the second hand market and piracy, and some use it as a way to further monetize their franchises.

Although that's all well and good when it brings fully realized new content that extends the life and gameplay hours of the original title, at times it feels like some developers deliberately leave stuff out of the game in order to sell it later. With new games already costing some $40-$60 it can get pretty expensive if you want the "full" experience.

Today we want to know what your take on DLC is: Do you think it's positive in the way that it allows developers to release AAA titles faster and add episodic content later? Do you regularly buy DLC, save it for specific major releases, or generally try to avoid it altogether? If you have purchased DLC lately, tell us about it, and if it was worth the money.