Philips took the opportunity on the stage at this year's IFA to announce the launch of three new docks designed for Android phones. The new Fidelio range works with Android 2.1 phones and upwards and allows for an iPhone-style docking system capable of music playback. Despite Google trying to encourage manufacturers to support Android devices with accessories, this market has seen little growth in part due to the huge demand for iPhones and iPads.

The constant variations between Android devices has done little to help the situation, but with more devices now featuring a standardised micro-USB port on the bottom center it's now possible for docks and other accessories to work with multiple handsets.

The new Philips docks also feature a movable micro-USB port enabling devices with off-centered ports to be centrally positioned on the dock whilst still charging the device. Even more genius is that the charging port can rotate 180 degrees, enabling pretty much any Android phone to connect to it with the screen facing forwards.

Bluetooth takes care of delivering the sound to the device, with the Philips' songbird application making the process of pairing the two devices painless. That said, the application doesn't feel anywhere near as polished as the version offered to iPhone/iPad customers, but we suspect this will improve with further updates.

Pricing is still unknown but three models will initially be launched: The entry level AS111 alarm clock dock featuring a single 4W speaker, the mid range AS531 10W model, and the top of the range AS851 featuring 30W total output.