Korea's telecommunications provider KT has unveiled a new concept smartphone that can act as a gaming handheld, a tablet or a laptop. Dubbed Spider Phone, the device would work pretty much like Motorola's Atrix or Asus' Padfone, in that the handset itself can connect to several different accessories that expand its capabilities.

The laptop dock adds a QWERTY keyboard, an extended battery, and USB ports for adding a mouse or an external hard drive, all while relying on the phone itself as the touchpad. The tablet shell also sports its own battery and features a 10.1-inch display while adding a few slate-friendly tweaks to the UI. Meanwhile, the gaming dock is essentially a cradle with a D-pad and buttons for those serious about gaming on their Android smartphones.

All three devices will be fully powered by the smartphone, which packs a dual-core Qualcomm processor clocked at 1.5GHz and 16GB of internal memory. It also has a rather large 4.5-inch screen with a 1280 x 800 resolution, dual cameras (8MP rear-facing, 3MP front-facing), and Android 2.3.4 "Gingerbread" with a customized KT UI.

The Spider Phone will be launching in Korea sometime during November or December. Unfortunately, there's no information regarding price or an international release date at this point. A spokesperson for KT said that the company is taking a "wait and see" stance, based on the local performance, before figuring out the next step. Check out the video below for a brief demonstration of KT's Spider concept smartphone.