A video has been posted online which shows off the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update. The footage is courtesy of a recently leaked software development kit for the 360 that includes the new dashboard, says TG Daily.

It is suspected that an Xbox employee in France somehow obtained a copy of the software. Content in the video is in French and was originally posted by Logic-Sunrise. The soundless clip gives the general public their first look at the dashboard in full motion. Microsoft released some slides of the planned update earlier this year but video certainly provides a richer experience.

The scheduled update will allow users to browse content faster and use the Kinect motion-sensing device to further navigate and interact with the dashboard.

New features include game invites that don't expire as well as full Bing integration. Before, you could only search for something in specific categories, such as movies. Search results will now return any relevant content, regardless of category.

Visually, the new layout borrows aspects from Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 UI, the same interface that will be making its way to Windows 8 next year. Microsoft has confirmed Xbox Live integration on Windows 8, although not many details about it have surfaced yet. A rumor earlier this year suggested that Windows 8 will allow you to play Xbox 360 games on your computer, although we suggest you take this with a healthy grain of salt.

An internal email sent to PayPal employees last week revealed that Microsoft is planning to launch the new Xbox dashboard on November 15. The date marks the 10-year anniversary of the original Xbox launch in 2001.