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Xbox 360 fall dashboard video leaked

By Shawn Knight · 10 replies
Oct 3, 2011
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  1. A video has been posted online which shows off the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update. The footage is courtesy of a recently leaked software development kit for the 360 that…

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  2. UnknownSky

    UnknownSky TS Enthusiast Posts: 43

    So they are copying Sony?.....
  3. This is nothing like like Sony's dashboard UI. The only thing they copied is the Metro resemblance. Which Microsoft created, so they didn't copy anything. Unless you want to say they copied themselves?
  4. taimuraly

    taimuraly TS Booster Posts: 113

    "Metro resemblance" ^_^' Could you please be kind enough to elaborate
  5. Metro means two things to me, primarily some very good books by Dmitry Glukhovsy, that have spawned one very good game so far (more hopefully to follow), and a heavily subsidised public transport system. I can see no resemblance to either.
  6. Glukhovsky*
  7. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    He can't because that makes no sense. :) (No offense, of course.)

    They did copy Sony, as far as how content is organized, and how the layout is positioned. If they had gone "full Metro," the layout would have resembled how Windows 8 lays out the Metro elements. But the PS3's layout is alot more controller-friendly than Widnows 8's way, so they decided to use a similar one to the PS3.

    However, you can clearly see it is, nonetheless, heavily conceptualized with Metro elements, so it's not a rip-off.
  8. who cares about dashboard...!!! Next some crappy avatars to dress up. We want games M$oft,...games an more games. Am happy I bought a PS3...@ least SONY gives games.
  9. Burty117

    Burty117 TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 3,042   +793

    Yeah Sony gives cheap games once they've stored all your details in plain text and not even protected there databases properly from the world wide web...


    Also, as a personal Side note, I have a gaming PC, Xbox 360 and ps3, the ps3 I own the least amount of games on, i'm easily sold on games most the time so to me, this must be saying something...
  10. Xclusiveitalian

    Xclusiveitalian TS Evangelist Posts: 706   +69

    That's the zune layout lol Wow it looks awful! Sony's layout is far superior to this, does Microsoft plan on innovating the 360 anymore? It's a 6 year old inferior PC at least let the menu looks nice! The thoughts of Windows 8 with this layout, ehhhhh, maybe it's the awful background or...all...the..squaresss o.0 [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] [X]__[x]
  11. Metro is an internal code name for a typography-based design language created by Microsoft, originally for use in Windows Phone 7. Early uses of the Metro principles, such as the typography, began as early as Microsoft Encarta 95, and later evolved into products such as Windows Media Center and Zune. Today, the principles of Metro are present in Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Phone, as well as the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard update and Windows 8. A specially made version of Microsoft's Segoe font family, Segoe WP, is used as the main font family for all typographical elements. It was confirmed by Microsoft at Computex that Windows 8, the next version of Windows, will take inspiration from Metro. Microsoft also plans to add the Metro design principles to other products and services, like the Xbox 360 and Windows Live, in order to create a unified and distinctive look across its consumer products and services.

    Here is two pictures for comparison.


    And here


    If you don't see the resemblance then you're just in denial.

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