Apple has rejected an offer by Samsung to resolve their row over the banning of Galaxy tablets in Australia, and is instead hoping for a court victory as the global campaign of lawsuits between the two giants intensifies. 

Apple claims Samsung's "Galaxy" product line consisting of mobile phones and tablets copies its own iPhone and iPad products too closely. Samsung still strongly denies the accusations filling claims of its own, locking both companies in bitter legal disputes in various countries around the world. This is likely to hurt the profits of South Korea's fastest growing technology company though, as its also awaiting a very crucial ruling from US courts next week.

Samsung had hoped to launch the new Galaxy tablet in Australia between August and September, but it's been repeatedly delayed while the technology firm awaits a final ruling from the Australian courts.

In a bid to settle the feud, last week Samsung agreed to withdraw two features from the Galaxy 10.1 tablet, leaving just one remaining contested Apple patent regarding touch screen display technology, and more specifically how the screen generates software commands using finger movements and gestures.

Apple responded by telling the federal court in Sydney on Tuesday that Samsung's proposal provided no basis for settlement. "It is one we don't accept and there is no surprise. The main reason we are here is to prevent the launch and maintain the status quo," Apple lawyer Steven Burley said.

Samsung and Apple are currently suing each other in nine countries with over 20 cases filled, but the most crucial of them will likely be the California court ruling expected next week.