eBay will likely unveil its PayPal Access platform at their X.commerce conference later this week in San Francisco. PayPal Access is a login credentials platform that will allow users to log into websites using their PayPal login information rather than creating a new profile and account at each retailer.

Merchant websites stand to see the biggest gain from such a system as they know that users could potentially already have money on tap in their accounts to spend.

Online merchants are also seeing this as a great way to reduce accounting. Using PayPal Access, retailers wouldn’t be responsible for keeping track of nearly as much customer information and sensitive financial data. This could result in less overhead for the business and consumers could rest a bit easier knowing that their personal information isn’t sitting on servers at each retailer. Additionally, not having to create a new account at each site complete with billing information would save customers a little extra time and hassle.

The project would need support from retail partners as well as developers to be a success. The company’s main motivation is to ward off rival payment systems and get more people to use PayPal instead of credit cards.

In related news, eBay is also looking to deepen their relationship with Facebook, according to a Reuters report. The story doesn’t delve into any details other than noting a new partnership would likely be related to their Facebook Platform developer division.

PayPal Access could be announced as early as tomorrow.