The second wave of Windows Phones for the Western world, preloaded with WP7.5 Mango, are being launched right now. We go hands-on with HTC's newest Windows Phone device: the HTC Radar.

It has been a while since I have properly used a Windows phone, as I mainly use Android now. I first used the OS on the HTC 7 Mozart, and back with the original WP7 it wasn’t that good: I found it to be missing critical features, the Mozart itself crashed frequently and the camera was really bad. Needless to say my initial impression was pretty poor.

Today Neowin is reviewing the HTC Radar, kindly provided by MobiCity, which is the second generation of Windows Phones with upgraded specs, Mango preloaded and with it a whole lot of extra features. I was expecting to think poorly still of another HTC/Microsoft combination, but instead everything I originally thought about the OS and its devices was thrown out the window in a refreshing and surprising way.

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