This week we'd like to highlight a thread created by longtime TechSpot member LookinAround. He asks: "There's a lot of interesting and curious looking usernames on TechSpot. The meaning of some are more obvious than others. Some usernames are downright impossible to figure out without an explanation! Help satisfy my (and the TS community's) curiosity. Why did you choose your username? What does it mean?"

We'd love to hear those answers if you're willing to share the information, but we thought it'd be fun to spice things up by simultaneously asking about your very first screen name – assuming you aren't too embarrassed and your privacy won't be compromised. Many of us registered our first Web accounts at an impressionable age and, well, asking youngsters to create a pseudonym is bound to have some humorous results.

In my earliest days online, I used my first name with numbers after it when required ("Matt" is rarely available). I've used more creative (equally lame) handles over the years, but I tend to just use my real name these days. If privacy is a concern, I use the random alphanumeric string that catches bots, such as "6DHFO." That requires no thought because the registration page usually generates one for me and it's always different.

**Image via Losevsky Yellowj/Shutterstock