Taking on the behemoth that is Apple in the tablet space is no small challenge, but at least one company is looking fit for the job. Amazon's Kindle Fire has a big shot at shaking up the market and become the first real threat to Cupertino's dominion, not only because it undercuts the iPad by $300, but because it can compete with a broad ecosystem of services and content including apps, books, music and movies.

But beyond their latest venture Amazon is undoubtedly already among the most important technology companies in the world. Its other Kindle hardware is selling at incredible rates and has led a successful transition to digital content sales, their AWS cloud computing platform powers a good chunk of the Internet, and they remain unrivaled as far as online retail sales are concerned – among other things.

It's hard to believe how far the company has come since its humble beginnings 17 years ago as a bookseller operating from a garage in Bellevue, Washington. Frugal Dad's infographic below provides a few comparisons and contrasts to highlight Amazon's depth as a business and explain its size 'in human terms'.

Source: Frugaldad.com