Neowin has published a last minute before Christmas review of the Samsung Series 9, which they claim is easily one of the most stunning laptops they've ever laid eyes upon, especially in the Windows PC market. Beautifully designed, super thin, and with the performance to back it up. This is the first time a company has built a real ​MacBook Air competitor, but does it stack up? Is it good enough?


Usually we wouldn't rant and rave about design, but the Series 9 really deserves us stopping and mentioning how elegant it is. When you pick up this laptop, it does not feel cheap. The "Duralumin" based material that encloses the laptop is super light, and cool to the touch, and just feels right. The laptop's curves are in all the right places, and it's incredibly thin. It's about the same thickness as an iPhone 4S.

The thin edges are sharp, which makes it feel fantastic in the hand. There's also more than meets the eye to the Series 9. It's got a backlit keyboard that automatically senses when it's needed and the ports are tidily hidden away on the side of the laptop with flaps, which allows Samsung to pack a few extra ports in.

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