Rumors are beginning to make the rounds suggesting that troubled Canadian cellphone maker, Research in Motion, has ditched two of its three upcoming handsets due for launch later this year, including one that featured its new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

Earlier reports claimed the manufacturer was struggling to integrate its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and the popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) services to run on the new QNX-based OS. The only device currently running the OS in the BlackBerry range is the PlayBook, released in April last year, and despite numerous promises RIM still hasn't issued an update in order to add those two key services.

According to BGR, the Colt, which was intended to be the first BB10 powered phone, has been scrapped. That model was due to tout the new operating system combined with a 3-inch display and the usual BlackBerry signature qwerty keyboard.

Also consigned to the dustbin is the Milan, which according to the site was a BB7-based phone. Carriers were said to be unimpressed with offering another phone so close to the current BlackBerry Touch models.

That leaves the London (pictured) as the only phone planned for launch using the new OS in the later part of 2012. The phone features a touchscreen display encompassing the entire front of the phone, a step away from the usual qwerty keyboard designs that made the firm so popular among business users.

Multiple sources speaking to BGR confirmed, "RIM is currently shopping the London with carriers, and while it still looks very much like the image published by The Verge in November, there have been some slight design changes made." The exact changes are currently unknown though.

It has been a rough year for the Canadian firm, with several high profile service breakdowns affecting millions, and constant problems with the development of its crucial upcoming BB10 OS not helping matters. This has also seen the share prices of the company fall to all time lows as consumer and investor confidence decreases.

Just two days ago, news started to circulate suggesting that the company may well be considering a change of CEO's, given the bleak year it has suffered. One thing is clear, collapsing into the oblivion is moving ever closer and big changes in direction are required if RIM wants to be successful this year and beyond.