Netgear has announced several new products aimed at improving home office and consumer networks at the Consumer Electronics Show. One of which, the new Media Storage Router (WNDR4700), has just been awarded with the show's Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

The Media Storage Router combines a traditional wireless router with network storage. It will allow for users on the network to remotely back up and share important files and data seamlessly using the routers 2TB hard disk. It will also support Apple’s Time Machine backup utility as well as the Netgear Readyshare Vault tools.

It features 900Mbps of combined Wi-Fi speed and the industry’s best WiFi range for maximum performance. "Simultaneous Dual Band 450+450 - Concurrent 802.11n dual band 2.4 and 5GHz, 450Mbps on each frequency, with combined speed up to 900Mbps for streaming HD and 3DHD videos, simultaneous downloads, and online gaming," reads the features list. It also has four gigabit rated Ethernet ports on the back cover.

Joining those Ethernet ports are two USB 3.0 ports which can be used for adding more external hard disks to the router to expand network based storage.

The Netgear Media Storage Router will be priced at $299 for the 2TB model -- the included HDD is easily replaced for those wishing to increase the device's capacity. In addition, booth attendants said the NAS / Router combo will also come in driveless variant for $199 allowing users to add their own storage.

"You get complete connectivity, and at the same time you get storage to protect the data that you cherish the most," commented David Henry, vice president of product management for Netgear's retail business unit.

Netgear also announced a new universal (WN2500RP) wireless network extender, aimed at removing dead spots often experienced inside buildings. It works by amplifying wireless strength when placed in low reception areas, and can also connect a further four wired devices and transmit their data across the network via wireless. Other items worth a mention is an updated N900, a four-port WiFi gaming adapter aimed for usage with gaming consoles, and a refresh of its NeoTV box which received support for Hulu Plus.