Dell is expected to launch new Centrino powered Inspiron and Latitude notebook models that would retail for less than $1200 according to this article at [URL=]Digitimes[/URL].

[COLOR=royalblue]These two-spindle notebooks, featuring 855GM chipsets, may even see prices fall as low as US$1,000, sources added. Dell is retailing its current Centrino-based Inspiron 600m and Latitude D600 notebooks (featuring 855PM chipsets) at starting prices of US$1,299 to US$1,399.

Some PC makers here believe that Dell is using a low-price strategy to drive the replacement of all notebook product lines with Centrino notebooks no later than the third quarter.[/COLOR]

The notebook market is by far one of the healthiest in the whole computer arena at this time. Just a couple of days ago we posted about a [URL=]$599 Transmeta based notebook[/URL] from ECS plus the whole Centrino and Athlon Mobile thing going on, things are shaping up quite nice for those planning on getting a notebook this year.