Thermaltake managed to turn a few heads and upset a few wallets when it released its rather unique Level 10 case, designed by BMW Group Designworks USA using a set of compartments for your hardware. Now the duo is back collaborating on another unconventional-looking PC peripheral blessed with the Level 10 brand name.

The Level 10 M mouse features a hollowed-out body that immediately makes it stand out from the current crop of gaming mice. You can adjust its height and angle by turning a screw on the top side of the mouse, changing how the Level 10 M fits under the palm of your hand, while an array of hexagonal cutouts on its surface facilitates better airflow for those sweaty gaming sessions and adds some extra flair to its design.

Thermaltake hasn't revealed any details regarding button configuration or technical specifications at this point, but from the single teaser image that's been made available we can catch a glimpse at what appears to be a couple of thumb buttons on the side and the typical scroll wheel on top.

The Level 10 M will be released this spring under Thermaltake's Tt eSports brand of gaming hardware. There are no details regarding price yet, but the companies say this is only the start of a new range of collaborative accessory products that will extend the the Level 10 experience to products that gamers directly interact with.