"FYI, we just decided to disable (at least for the time being) all current submitted results using the questionable drivers, Detonator 42.67, 42.68 & 42.69. This means that the current results are not deleted, but disabled from being published. We encourage you to use only officially released, &/or WHQL'ed drivers, as results run with the above-mentioned driver versions will be disabled.

The reason for this is that the drivers have been officially stated as optimized for 3DMark03, & we can not verify the purity & integrity of the drivers. We are investigating the drivers & their effect on 3DMark03 - both performance & the rendering quality (ie. image quality)."

Would you like to know more? I do recall reading that these "press drivers" NVIDIA released did improve 3D Mark 2003 performance, albeit by not rendering certain effects. Hmmmm.