OK, what's the most sad case thing about me? A)That I can't escape making "Lord of The Rings" and "Star Wars" references to computing all the time, or B)That I am so unbelieveably excited about Red Hat 9.0 comming out in a few weeks!!!

Well, its probably a bit of both. Anyway, I digress. Yes, indeed Red Hat Linux 9 is comming out very soon.

"Red Hat Linux 9 ISOs will be available to paid subscribers starting March 31, 2003--a week before they will be available on redhat.com, in stores, or on Red Hat FTP."

This is a complete break with tradition, we we were expecting a Red Hat 8.1, 8.2, 8.3, etc before moving to 9. A move to a new major number tends to indicate some pretty big changes - more than just a new kernel, we would be thinking about perhaps a new gcc perhaps.

I was initially quite unhappy about version 8.0 of Red Hat, so I am not sure what to expect with 9. But I will admit that 8.0 has grown on me in a way. Hopefully 9 will consolidate a lot of the changes they were playing with in 8. But then... who knows??

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