A new article is just a few hours away, in the meantime here you have your occasional feed of miscellaneous news I found while browsing around...

Online gaming and betting could be getting along very soon. A new service called "YouPlayGames" (currently on beta stage) would be the first site to offer such service; perhaps even more important than the fact alone is that id Software will be supporting it.

Adobe says it prefers PCs over Macs, now that's definitely something we don't hear everyday, I can already hear the complaints, oh well.

IBM and NVIDIA have signed an agreement in which IBM will serve as an additional manufacturer for the GeForce family of graphics chips. Nvidia's current manufacturer is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC).

HardOCP has a comparison between the Radeon 9700 Pro and the upcoming 9800 Pro board. While ATI has managed to optimize and tweak the R300 core somewhat, I'd say most of the performance difference between these boards will come from the faster clock speeds.