Alongside their Windows operating system, one of Microsoft’s most successful ventures has been into the game space: first with the Xbox and then with the ever popular Xbox 360. Neowin has posted another of its Trivia Tuesday features with facts and statistics this week relating to the Xbox 360 console.

XBOX 360 and 360s side by side.

Reminder: The Xbox 360 was first released on November 16, 2005 in North America, with other regions seeing launches in the months following. The updated Xbox 360 S was available from June 18, 2010.

66 million Xbox 360 units have been sold worldwide as of early 2012. This is backed up by 18 million sales of the Kinect motion controller peripheral.

$21 billion is the approximate revenue Microsoft has made from the Xbox 360 since launch on console hardware alone. This is based on an average console price of US$320 across the lifetime of the system.

887 games are available or upcoming for the Xbox 360 according to this Wikipedia list. Of the 887 games, 129 of them are exclusive to the Xbox 360; this means that 14.5% of all Xbox 360 games are exclusives. In comparison, the PS3 has only 746 games according to a similar list.

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