A former Microsoft employee has launched a blog called 'Fixing Windows 8' that offers suggestions that he hopes the company will implement prior to releasing their next operating system. Simply put, Mike Bibik feels that new users won't know how to navigate the interface primarily because Microsoft has hidden several features and menus from view.

The author suggests that power users should be able to figure out how to effectively use the mouse in Windows 8 but novice or new users will be completely lost. Furthermore he complains that Metro style apps don't have window controls so there's no obvious way to exit or minimize an app once inside.

To back up his claims, he has linked a YouTube video from Chris Pirillo. In the clip, Pirillo's father can be seen trying to navigate from the Windows 8 desktop back to the Metro UI unsuccessfully. If this video is any indication, the average user is certainly going to have a tough time later this year when the final version ships.

But rather than totally bash Microsoft over the choices, Bibik hopes that his words will be seen as informative and eye-opening rather than overly-critical. He even offers up some suggestions to alleviate the glaring issues, such as combining the desktop task bar with the new Start screen, combining Charms and the master apps list into a single menu, adding a dedicated Charms bar and bringing back the Start button on the desktop.

Is Microsoft trying too hard to make Windows 8 a tablet OS and overlooking traditional desktop users?