NVIDIA has officially released a new set of Detonator drivers [URL=https://www.techspot.com/drivers/index/file/information/1753]version 43.45[/URL]. If you feel like you have just discovered a whole new TS section after following that link you might not be wrong, just wait a few days and we will be out of beta.

Every AMD user's wet dream; [URL=http://www.amdboard.com/hn03270301.html]A watercooled Opteron system[/URL].

Windows Server 2003 has [URL=http://news.com.com/2100-1012-994437.html?tag=fd_top]gone gold[/URL], Microsoft is expected to make an official statement during the day. April 24th launch date is still in place.

[URL=http://news.zdnet.co.uk/story/0,,t269-s2132577,00.html]Spam under fire[/URL] from UK government: A proposed crackdown on unsolicited emails will, says the government, clamp down on 'the curse of the Internet'. Critics are not so sure...

T-Mobile USA is touting a new service that lets people [URL=http://news.com.com/2100-1039-994434.html]send video messages via cell phones[/URL], marking the latest push by companies to pack more features into wireless handsets.

PenStar has posted an article regarding [URL=http://www.penstarsys.com/Interviews/nvidia/m_hara/index.html]NVIDIA business[/URL], from GeForceFX to X-Box and mobile graphics, they actually found to be well worth the time spent talking to Mike Hara, VP of Investor Relations and Communications at NVIDIA.

Looking for a GeforceFX? [URL=http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproduct.asp?description=14-133-055&DEPA=1]Newegg has a few in stock[/URL], as does [URL=http://www.komplett.com/]Komplett[/URL] (Now sold out)