NVIDIA has officially released a new set of Detonator drivers version 43.45. If you feel like you have just discovered a whole new TS section after following that link you might not be wrong, just wait a few days and we will be out of beta.

Every AMD user's wet dream; A watercooled Opteron system.

Windows Server 2003 has gone gold, Microsoft is expected to make an official statement during the day. April 24th launch date is still in place.

Spam under fire from UK government: A proposed crackdown on unsolicited emails will, says the government, clamp down on 'the curse of the Internet'. Critics are not so sure...

T-Mobile USA is touting a new service that lets people send video messages via cell phones, marking the latest push by companies to pack more features into wireless handsets.

PenStar has posted an article regarding NVIDIA business, from GeForceFX to X-Box and mobile graphics, they actually found to be well worth the time spent talking to Mike Hara, VP of Investor Relations and Communications at NVIDIA.

Looking for a GeforceFX? Newegg has a few in stock, as does Komplett (Now sold out)