Apple is now accepting settlement claims stemming from a class action lawsuit regarding the iPhone 4's antenna. Qualified customers can receive a $15 cash payment as settlement or elect to receive a free bumper case, although the former would be a better alternative if you no longer own the affected handset.

Claim members have until August 28 to file the necessary form which asks a series of questions about your phone purchase. Participants must verify that they 1) experienced antenna reception issues with their iPhone 4; 2) weren't able to return the phone without incurring additional costs; 3) initially refused the free Apple bumper case offer; 4) unable to resolve the issue using specific troubleshooting methods because you no longer own the phone.

If you recall, the iPhone 4 was released with what many considered to be a design flaw. The antennas for Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPS and the cellular radio for voice and data are mounted on the outside edges of the phone, represented by silver bands. The problem arises when something conductive (your hand) bridges the gap between the two, specifically on the lower left corner of the phone.

Apple conducted a press conference in July 2010 to discuss the issue and elected to offer users a free case to remedy the issue. Users that took advantage of that offer aren't eligible for the $15 payment.

A court hearing will take place on July 13 to finalize the settlement. Anyone wishing to opt out of the class action settlement and take a separate course of action must do so by June 15.