A five minute video of Far Cry 3's multiplayer aspect has found its way online courtesy of the gang at VG247. The pre-alpha build highlights the domination game mode on a seemingly fitting tropical island map.

It nearly impossible not to draw immediate comparisons to some of today's most popular first-person shooters after watching the multiplayer clip, namely Battlefield and Call of Duty. Here we see familiar elements like experience points and leveling up, a kill cam, avenger kills and air support in the form of barrel bombs (carpet bomb).

Familiarities aside, there looks to be some content and game types that are all-new. At the end of each multiplayer game, you will get the opportunity to either kill the number one player on the enemy team or let them survive. There are several end-game animations to unlock as you level up your character, some becoming pretty graphic in nature.

The publication tells us that the other game type they were shown is centered on a fire theme. The objective is to infiltrate the enemy camp and ignite two capture points. Doing so prompts a radio comm-link which if used by the aggressors, sends in air support to douse the fire with gasoline, effectively ending the round. Should the defenders get to the comm-link first, they can radio for a rescue plane that drops a load of water instead.

The author concludes that the multiplayer modes they were shown were fun, but seemed to lack the thrill of free-foaming that made the first game such a gem. He expects the single-player campaign to be much more engaging when it hits stores this September.