An internal AppleCare document obtained by 9to5 Mac reveals that Cupertino is actively investigating WiFi connectivity issues on the new iPad. The memo instructs retail stores and contact centers to accept exchanges should a customer report any unusual behavior when using WiFi.

The document outlines that affected devices should be "captured" - Apple code that means the unit should be packaged immediately along with all included accessories and sent to an Apple engineering center for further investigation.

Shortly after its release, some customers reported wireless connectivity issues on the WiFi-only iPad, including but not limited to intermittent connectivity, slow WiFi speeds and WiFi networks not being recognized. New iPads with cellular connectivity aren't affected, according to the document.

A thread regarding the issue on Apple's support forum has over 700 replies as of writing, although not every reply is a complaint about the issue. This isn't the first concern that has cropped up since the release of the new iPad, however.

Early adopters complained that the new iPad would overheat and shut down when using the device in direct sunlight. Thermal imaging does show that Apple's latest slate runs roughly 10F warmer than the iPad 2 under normal circumstances. Furthermore, reports surfaced that the iPad drained more power under heavy use than the charging cable was able to supply, a claim that I was able to corroborate in our iPad review.

If you are experiencing WiFi connectivity issues, contact Apple's customer care via phone or take the device to your local Apple store for further assistance.