Back in March, Neowin's Paul Ferson checked out the Das Keyboard Professional S, an excellent mechanical keyboard with a robust set of features and a pleasing clicky tactical feel that's also remained a favorite of TechSpot's staff for several years. Now our friends at Neowin are following up with another mechanical keyboard review, this time involving a high-end model from Corsair.

Unlike the Das Keyboard, which is aimed at professional typists, the Corsair Vengeance K90 has gamers in mind; specifically MMO gamers with the set of 18 macro keys. It is the big brother of Corsair's K60 keyboard for FPS enthusiasts and actually comes with a better set of features all-round.


The Vengeance K90 is one great-looking keyboard, which you would hope as this one comes with a premium price point. The main body of the keyboard is a solid piece of brushed aluminium sitting atop a wedged plastic bottom that conceals the innards of the keyboard, and not only does it look amazing but it also feels solid and expensive. The portion of the keyboard that houses the macro keys is made of black plastic, but rather than detracting from the premium feel, it actually contrasts well with the silver aluminium.

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