Tech-Report reviews M-Audio's Revolution 7.1 sound card. We've heard really great things of this card which Thomas is testing already BTW, expect our full review soon, too.

Macintosh clones soon? A Minnesota man has plans to launch his own Macintosh-manufacturing business, building a low-cost, upgradeable Mac called the iBox.

Sentence passed in one of the largest internet auction frauds @ USAToday.

Mozilla 1.4 Alpha has been released adding a few more features and a tremendous number of bug fixes... could Mozilla eventually become 'the' browser to use?

Moving to games... Championship Manager 4 is topping game sales chart in Europe, here's a review from Eurogamer. Also Jedi Knight III (or whatever they are going to call it) is a project that could materialize by the end of the year, here's an interview from GamesDomain.