The release date of Microsoft’s next generation console, commonly referred to as the Xbox 720, has been the topic of speculation for some time albeit with little to evidence to back up claims. But thanks to some legal documents that were recently uncovered in a court case, we now have a pretty good idea of when to expect the successor to the 360.

The dispute involves former members of Activision with regards to the Call of Duty franchise. The paperwork speaks of a new game called Destiny that is due out on the Xbox 360 and the 720 in the fall of 2013. The contract specifically called Microsoft’s next console the 720. Furthermore, the duo will release the game on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation 4 in the fall of 2014.

Bungie left Microsoft in 2007 and started working with Activision in 2010, hence their involvement in the proceedings. The documents came to light earlier this week via the Los Angeles Times but a writer for the Seattle Times put together the pieces of the puzzle.

A fall 2013 release would put the 720 in line with the always-lucrative holiday buying season and Destiny could very well be a lunch title. If you remember, Bungie produced Halo as one of the key launch titles for the original Xbox in 2001.

This is the most solid evidence we have seen to date regarding the next-gen console. Otherwise at this point, all we know is that Microsoft won’t be showing any new hardware at this year’s E3 gaming conference.