Samsung has officially launched Music Hub, the company's all-in-one assault on streaming services like Spotify and music stores like iTunes. Launching initially in the UK, France and Germany, Samsung's catalog includes 19 million tracks for users to access under both free and paid subscription plans.

Users of the free service will be able to access the store and listen to 30-second previews of songs before deciding whether to make a purchase --- considerably less than iTunes's 90 seconds. Any purchased song from Music Hub is automatically stored in the cloud for easy playback across up to five different devices.

Those who prefer unlimited streaming of the entire catalog can opt for a £9.99 or €9.99 per month Music Hub Premium subscription, which also allows songs to be stored locally for offline listening. Additionally, there's a recommendation engine for music discovery and a Scan & Match Cloud Locker feature, which scans your library and uploads your music to the cloud --- similar to Apple's iTunes Match service.

Each premium account will include 100GB of space and only songs that aren't available on the Music Hub catalog count toward that limit. It's unclear if this will eventually be used to store other media files.

Samsung will debut Music Hub on the Galaxy S III, but plans to preload it onto all new phones and tablets moving forward.The service will also be accessible through a browser-based interface.