Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy has now been officially announced. After some information on an Outcast sequel was leaked earlier this week, LucasArts has now opened the game's official website with screenshots and detailed information. For the first time in a JK game, you will no longer play Kyle Katarn (but yourself) and we hear Raven is putting a lot of effort on lightsaber battles of more than just two contenders.

Tony Hawk 4 for the PC and Mac are finally on track, Aspyr is developing the port from the PS2 game.

Activision and Valve (of Half-Life's fame) have announced a multi-title publishing partnership. Though the PR only makes mention of "Day of Defeat", a multiplayer game soon to be released by Valve, we must remember they also own the Counter-Strike license and have a few games in the works, Team Fortress 2 and who knows, even a H-L sequel sounds pretty logical.