Unfortunately we keep losing in the war against spam. Anti-spam firm Brightmail recorded a 4-percent month-on-month increase last March, however even more stunning is the 100% increase compared to a year ago.

In total scams and other financial offers--such as the grey area of low interest loans and mortgages--accounts for 27 per cent of all spam (10 per cent scams, 17 per cent financial offers).
Adult spam, such as solicitations to visit porn sites or advertisements for premium rate phone numbers, accounts for 19 per cent of all spam. Product advertising accounts for a further 19 per cent, rising to 23 per cent when you factor in the separate category of medical products such as miracle pills and potions.

I will assume we all hate spam so you will want to take a look to some of these utilities that help to prevent it, our friends at Majorgeeks have a comprehensive list of programs.