Intel has posted second quarter revenue of $13.5 billion with a profit of $2.8 billion led by strong sales of Ultrabooks and mobile phones. Revenue is up from last quarter's $12.9 billion haul while at the same time improving five percent from the same time period last year. Profit increased three percent year over year, all of which equates to a $0.57 per share increase for investors.

Intel saw their PC Client group revenue increase by a respectable three percent but it was the Data Center division that takes home the trophy with an impressive 14 percent increase in revenue. But as Engadget points out, it's not all champagne and caviar for Intel as they fell short of their target this quarter. As such, the outlook for Q3 was lowered slightly but even at $14.3 billion, it would tie their previous earnings record which is impressive in and of itself.

During the earnings call, Intel CEO Paul Otellini pointed out how well their current generation of products were performing, highlighting the fact that production has increased more quickly than previous product lines. He also mentioned that his company was tracking at least 20 Windows 8 tablets with Intel hardware inside although he stopped short of mentioning any names.

Otellini also credited some of their success to recapturing a small percentage of the low end processor market from rival AMD. Finally the chief once again confirmed that Atom Z2760 chips, codenamed Clover Trail, will be ready to go when it's time for Windows 8 tablets to launch.