Aereo, the controversial streaming television service that launched earlier this year in New York City, has announced several new programming plans to suit any need and budget. The new choices come just ahead of plans to expand the service to most major US cities in the coming year.

The company previously offered a flat rate plan of $12 per month for unlimited streaming but now there are multiple tiers to choose from. If you live in the Big Apple and are interested in checking out the service before committing, a free option allows for one continuous hour of streaming each day. No credit card is needed but note that you won't have access to DVR storage and only one antenna will be at your disposal.

In the event that you want to watch a single show or perhaps catch some football on Sunday, you can order a day pass for only $1. This option includes 3 hours of DVR storage space and two remote antennas which allow you to record two shows at once or watch one show while recording another. Furthermore, you have up to 10 days to go back and watch any programming that you may have stored on the DVR.

A flat monthly rate of $8 will net you 20 hours of DVR storage as well as unlimited streaming and two antennas or for only $4 more, you can get double the storage space. Or if you're a permanent cable cutter, the $80 annual plan would be best for you as it includes everything in the $12 monthly plan at a fraction of the cost. Aereo also offers referral bonuses in the form of a free month of service for each friend you refer up to three months.

Does this sound like something you'd be interested in trying if it were available in your area?