It seems that Samsung isn't alone in their ongoing courtroom battle with Apple as Google has reportedly been offering legal assistance to the Android partner. The search giant has allegedly been helping the Korean company with their legal strategy by doing extra research and providing advice, according to people familiar with the case as reported by CNET.

Interestingly enough, Samsung has hired the law firm of Quinn Emanuel for representation during the trial, the same firm that Google has used for a number of their patent and copyright cases in the past. More specifically, one of Samsung's lead attorneys, Charles Verhoeven, is also representing Motorola and HTC in separate cases brought on by Apple. The same firm was also used by Barnes & Noble (another Android partner) during their patent dispute with Microsoft.

But as analyst Neil shah from Strategy Analytics points out, it's in Google's best interest to avoid any direct confrontation with Apple. Of course at the same time, they have a vested interest in seeing Android partners succeed, especially one as large as Samsung. For what it's worth, Google's name really hasn't come up very much in the trial between Samsung and Apple.

Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung last year claiming the Korean company copied the look and feel of the iPhone and iPad in some of their recent products. Many believe that this lawsuit is just one of many designed to slow the momentum that Android has gained over the past couple of years.