Love it or hate it, EA's Origin digital distribution service is growing at a steady pace, with over 500 games available from more than 50 publishers. The publisher revealed in June that Origin has played host to more than 12 million downloads and hailed the service as a "huge success". Now, the company is looking to expand beyond the Windows and iOS platforms it currently supports.

During his opening keynote at Gamescom 2012 in Cologne, Germany, COO Peter Moore said Origin is coming to the Mac, Android, Facebook and Smart TVs. No specific dates were given, although EA did reveal in a separate announcement that next installment of the venerable SimCity franchise will be available through Origin on Mac in February 2013.

The company's expansion plans were accompanied by the announcement of several new features for Origin. Namely, support for free-to-play games, exclusive digital content, live videos and a new dashboard. Social components such as achievements, challenges, and other improvements are also in the works.

Despite some initial controversies it appears that EA is as committed as ever to compete with Steam in the digital distribution space. Meanwhile, Valve's Steam platform is looking to break some new ground itself, with the announcement of a Linux client and the addition of non-gaming software titles to its library.