A mouse is a very personal item, as what works for you, may not work for others. Some like their mice with loads of buttons while others prefer ergonomics, some want a corded mouse and others want a wireless mouse. Whatever your preference is, it’s best to try out a few mice and see what suits your needs before making a purchase; if you have that luxury at your local retail establishment.

Microsoft has put out a new line of peripherals, the Wedge mouse and Wedge keyboard. This review focuses on the Wedge mouse but we will follow up shortly with the Wedge Keyboard.

The Wedge mouse rings up the cash register at 69.95 and is a compact mouse based around a touch sensitive plane. Measuring in at 2.39 inches wide and 2.11 inches in length, the mouse is quite small. It is attractive, minimalist, built of high quality materials, and only comes in one color: black. The surface of the mouse doesn’t exhibit fingerprints but oil from your skin does show up on the device with prolonged use.

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