AMD Opteron pre-order prices are now available, those go from $320 to $800 for Models 240 and 242, respectively.

Talking of AMD, The Inq managed to benchmark an Athlon 64 system, results didn't seem too impressive though the processor was locked at 1.6GHz. Update: Thanks to Nicholas for the note, apparently I had posted about older Athlon64 benches, here are new ones running on a slightly faster processor (1.8GHz) but "scores 15000 3dmarks01 easily", now this looks way better.

Shares of Apple Computer fell Friday after a report that the company was in talks to buy the music company of Vivendi Universal for as much as $6 billion.

Can open source win big business? That was the message from some Sun Microsystems and MySQL executives at the MySQL users conference this week.

While most of the bigger PC makers are putting some emphasis on the laptop market nowadays, Winbook, a notebook manufacturer, is attempting to maneuver into the desktop PC market.